Simple Green

I learned about Simple Green when I roasted on a Behmor, it’s one of their recommended cleaners. It’s an all-purpose concentrated cleaner that you dilute down as needed.

So far I’ve used it at 1:1 strength to clean the chaff filter effortlessly (soaking for a few minutes), and to degrease the IR glass. I’d be curious if anyone has used it, or has any reasons not to.

I have also moved from Behmor to Bullet. My Simple Green also followed. So far I have used ot in the ir window, the chaff filter and parts sorrounding it and on the impeller fan at the exhaust. Works great!


I’ve used Cafiza but I’ll give Simple Green a try to compare ease & effectiveness.

I used to use Simple Green on my Behmor 1600+ and it did work great. However, I haven’t been using it on the Bullet. Instead, I’ve been cleaning filters with Cafiza and front IR window with alcohol and/or cafiza. Might give Simple Green a try again!

Same for me. Used Simple Green on my Behmor, Cafiza on the Bullet. That reminds me…I am way overdue for an IR sensor cleaning.


A clean machine is a clean coffee.
I regularly clean the entire roaster with Evo

It is the best espresso cleaning solution I have ever used, i make a dilution of 1/2 teaspoon of Evo and some warm water. I use it to clean the inside of the door, bean probe, chaff collector and the fan. I use a regular soft bristled tooth brush and it cleans everything perfectly. I wipe everything over with a damp clean cloth and let everything dry before reassembly.

Considering that most of what builds up on the each area is a combination of dust, particulates and oil the espresso cleaning solution does work very well.

I haven’t tried Evo, but I’ve used both Simple Green and Cafiza, and for me it’s Cafiza in a walk. It makes cleaning the IR window and that entire plate about two minutes’ work, and I’m not kidding.

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Hi Djmsalem,

I think that the 2 products are very similar in ingredients.
Yes, cleaning the whole Bullet takes no time at all.


Like some of you…I’m a Behmor to Bullet guy. However, however, I made the switch from Simple Green to Cafiza and I will never go back! I have found cafiza to be superior in effortless oil residue removal! I also have a 1lb sonofresco. I soak my screen and chaff collector in a tub of hot water and dissolved cafiza. After 10 minutes, I simply wipe with a rag and the stainless steel literally looks brand new!

I was listening to the Sweet Maria’s podcast where Jonas was interviewed. Tom from SM said someone had left their Bullet impeller soaking in Cafiza overnight, and in the morning it had dissolved… so clearly it’s very powerful! I’d be careful.

Yeah it is! I cleaned mine the other day and all that was needed was a 1min soak in the solution.