Small Coffee Destoner

Hey folks!

My first post here, and a big question to any who are dealing with coffee wholesale volumes.

Does anyone know of a small coffee destoner thats a reasonable price? I have found a 3kg one for around $700USD but havent been able to find anything out about branding etc.

I am more inclined to make my own, and would be open to any suggestions (inc pictures) if any have gone that far to create one. I used to work in a Roastery, so I have a decent idea about how I could go about making one, but any advice would be great!

Keep well


How’s your progress?

Hey pal, still looking. Asking a few industry friends if they have any ideas. So far it seems to be a few options from chinese websites, but build quality vs price doesn’t track. All their marketing photos make the welding of the frames and housing look quite terrible. The search continues!

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I am about to do an el cheapo version with a variable speed vacuum cleaner, buckets and poly pipe. Just trying to source some compatible magnets, someone said old stereo speakers, is this true??

If you’re just asking for magnets, then yeah, drivers in speakers have massive magnets; They’re shaped like donuts.