Smoke not Venting


Thanks for the response. I looked at the filter basket and it wasn’t seated deeply so I pushed it in a bit harder. Sounds like a good thing to keep an eye on regardless. I have never calibrated the exhaust fan and will try doing that tonight. So far things seem to be going well, but I appreciate all the thoughts and feedback.



I clean the filter basket after every roast session (4 - 6 roasts). I also vacuum out the chaff collector after each session. It really depends on the type of bean you roast. I roast a lot of dry process beans, which generate a lot of very fine chaff. I can run longer with wet processed bean from which the chaff is much larger. To be totally honest I laze out and clean them before I start roasting. I agree with Bruce, calibrate your fan. Hope this helps.


Similar to Dr-D, I always vacuum after all roasting is complete and I usually do two 1lb roasts back to back. Some beans produce a lot more chaff than others, but unless you are doing a lot of full-load (2lb) roasts back to back, you should be just fine vacuuming once after each roasting session. The Bullet’s chaff collector holds a lot of product.

On the filter basket cleaning, that just depends on how much you roast and how often. I just roast for personal use and do 2-3lbs about every 10 days. In that kind of use, I only need to clean the filter basket about every 5th use. I always vacuum the filter basket in addition to other areas of the Bullet after roasting. When the basket starts getting dingy, I drop it (and the impeller fan) into a 2qt glass Pyrex with hot water and 4-squirts of Urnex. Let is sit for a few hours and everything is clean without any scrubbing. The best-practice with cleaning this stuff (especially with coffee roasters) is not to allow it to get so dirty that it takes a lot of effort to clean.

Have fun with your Bullet!


My problem persists, so I pulled off the chaff collector during a roast to see what was happening and discovered that my fan periodically stops turning. I think I’ll need to open a ticket with Aillio, but thought I would check here in case someone has a suggestion. See video links.


May be a dumb question, because it appears you have a new Bullet (w black handle), but does it have the larger chaff filter? This is the one that is about 4 inches long, and not the dome shaped one that is about 1-2 inches long.

The newer ones last a few roasts between cleanings.



That is not right. Definitely open a ticket with Aillio. My bullet never did that.


Thanks Steve. I have done that and will post back with updates.


Apparently not a common failure, but mine had to be replaced too. Mine made it only a couple weeks.



Good to know. Thanks Bruce.


I think your problem is that you are fighting gravity! (Me, too. But in a different, theoretical way…) Your vent is almost vertical; I’ll bet a large fraction of your power is spent just getting to the outside…

Cleaning your chaff filter after each roast is essential, for you.


Do you think I should install an in-line fan?


Yes…and ditch the chaff basket.


I have the v2 with the same black handle. Same issue. Did you manage to fix the issue?


You mean replace the bullet or the ex fan?


Replace the exhaust fan only. Easy job.



the fan only or with the fan motor?


It was my exhaust fan motor that failed. Just had to remove the impeller and then the failed motor, then install the new motor and reattach the original impeller.



I have been getting help directly from Aillio and we’re getting it sorted out. I think there is a problem with my expeller fan but just sent them some new information and waiting for a reply. I have been watching the RPM during roasts, and the same settings are producing lower fan speeds than before. Especially at the higher fan setting like F9 and FA. I’ll keep you posted as the problem gets resolved. Aillio has been very helpful.


Same Issue here. Mine is V2 220 That I received about a month ago. I am now contacting aillio. Once you figure out the issue please keep me informed.


Have you calibrated your fan? Also, make sure you have RoasTime v2.5.5 and update firmware to beta V533. And connect to RoasTime when roasting so they can look at the logs if needed. It sounds like they are going to send me a new motor, but I’ll let you know.