Smoke not Venting


Thanks for the response. I looked at the filter basket and it wasn’t seated deeply so I pushed it in a bit harder. Sounds like a good thing to keep an eye on regardless. I have never calibrated the exhaust fan and will try doing that tonight. So far things seem to be going well, but I appreciate all the thoughts and feedback.



I clean the filter basket after every roast session (4 - 6 roasts). I also vacuum out the chaff collector after each session. It really depends on the type of bean you roast. I roast a lot of dry process beans, which generate a lot of very fine chaff. I can run longer with wet processed bean from which the chaff is much larger. To be totally honest I laze out and clean them before I start roasting. I agree with Bruce, calibrate your fan. Hope this helps.


Similar to Dr-D, I always vacuum after all roasting is complete and I usually do two 1lb roasts back to back. Some beans produce a lot more chaff than others, but unless you are doing a lot of full-load (2lb) roasts back to back, you should be just fine vacuuming once after each roasting session. The Bullet’s chaff collector holds a lot of product.

On the filter basket cleaning, that just depends on how much you roast and how often. I just roast for personal use and do 2-3lbs about every 10 days. In that kind of use, I only need to clean the filter basket about every 5th use. I always vacuum the filter basket in addition to other areas of the Bullet after roasting. When the basket starts getting dingy, I drop it (and the impeller fan) into a 2qt glass Pyrex with hot water and 4-squirts of Urnex. Let is sit for a few hours and everything is clean without any scrubbing. The best-practice with cleaning this stuff (especially with coffee roasters) is not to allow it to get so dirty that it takes a lot of effort to clean.

Have fun with your Bullet!