Speaker wire disconnected

When I cleaned the IR and inside plate today one of the connectors on the PCB came loose again. In opening it up to reconnect the glue that holds the wire to the rear of the speaker disconnected. Is it possible to simply re-glue it? If so what glue or cement is recommended?

@jonas @jacob Any suggestions? I roasted without sound and experienced a couple other issues. I left it in PH and when I went to start a roast I found the Bullet had already gone in to roast protocol. This happened twice. I was able to restart and start a roast without waiting for the roast prompt (visual not audible since spesker not connected) and it roasted fine. I’m not sure if these are related issues or not. I’m waiting on a new PCB.

Hi Mike,

You need a new speaker. Gluing it won’t bring back the electrical connections.
Have you tried the 405 release yet?


Thanks for the response Jacob. Yes, I’ve been running 405 since it’s release.