"Spring noise" coming from the drum


I hope everyone is doing ok.

I started noticing a “spring” like noise coming from the front of the Bullet. I have opened the front panel a few times, and I haven’t seen anything unusual.

Please check the video and let me know if anyone has experienced it, and how to solve it and if there is any solution. I hope it does. The noise is distracting.



The most obvious issue is the door handle screw, which could be sticking out slightly behind the door. Check if you can feel it by running your finger over it. If you can, adjust it.

@nbeans Thanks for sharing that.

I did check that when I opened the front panel. It is not the door handle. Thanks anyway for mentioning it.



Did it happen after a recent deep cleaning? Does the drop door lay flush against the face plate when it’s closed(possible bearing alignment)? Have you took off the front face plate and see if anything is rubbing?

Since you’ve started roasting recently, I suppose this is the first time you’ve removed the face plate, and a couple more times after to see what’s wrong. Try this for starters and we’ll go from there.


Yes, it happened after my first deep cleaning of the IBTS. After my initial deep cleaning, I placed the front plate back and heard the noise for the first time.

  • I opened the front plate again and checked. I didn’t notice anything rubbing against the door, but the noise persisted.

  • I opened the door again and checked around the drum using a lantern. I looked for beans trapped between the wall and the drum; I found nothing trapped. I also checked the mica tube for possible damage; I did not notice anything wrong, either.

  • Lastly, I just did what @braca19452f9m suggested:

The back pulley was all the way to the front. I also checked the “Cleaning the impeller” video to ensure I adjusted the correct pulley. The noise is still present + a new noise :upside_down_face:

The new noise seems to be coming from the drum itself, like a bump every rotation.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time guys. Much appreciated.



there is a spring on the backakcel on the drum


Can you please elaborate more on this? Did you have the same problem I am having? How did you get access to that spring? And is that how you solved the issue? This assuming you passed through the same situation.

Please let me know; I am keen to hear more from you.



i took the drum out, is u disasemle, the back so u get acces to the wheel there is on the aksel which is driven by the belt
there is a small set scrue u need to loosen and then u can pull out the drum

sorry for my english

i got a new washer and spring


Thanks for your reply!

I understand what you mean now. I saw the video “Replacing the drum,” and I think replacing the spring at this point shouldn’t be necessary. I haven’t roasted 100 kg yet on my machine—it’s new!

Let me ask:

  1. Did you have the same problem as me? And did you see the video I posted, where one can listen to the spring-like noise? Did your machine make the same noise?

  2. Your English is good, don’t you worry.



is it the small sound there come 3 times?

OK, first push the shaft on the front and see if the drum springs back into place. You can see this on the IBTS cleaning video, but it is easy to see even without because it’s that metal thing in the centre of the face plate. As you mention bumps, take off the face plate, hold the shaft with one hand and a strong source of light in the other, and inspect underneath the drum to see if maybe something got caught there. Even if the roaster is new, try putting some food safe grease on the bearing, the spacers and the shaft in front. You can also put a little bit in the back once the pulley is moved back. Not a lot, but it helps. Check if you have both spacers on the front shaft that should be behind the bearing. Once you’ve done all this, I might think of something else. Here’s a link for the grease.

Amazon.com : food grade silicone grease

yes i had same problem, but more sound, it was like the spring was connectred to the drum, so every turn it said a spring sound