Standard Recipe

Does anyone have a roast recipe that they use as a general standard roast to use for new beans. Then experiment from there with different settings. My biggest struggle is knowing where to start with new beans.
I am very new to roasting and trying to get a start. Anytime i roast, i am not sure what to change to get better results and nothing tastes great so far.

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Check out a post titled " Under Developed Roasts" in the Roasting on the Bullet R1 category. It helped me a lot .
Cheers Barry

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Thank you

Hi Chad,
In the Bullet Manual there is a 350 gram light roast developed by Allio you can follow as an example.
I have followed this roast example and ended up with excellent results.
Also, when listening for 1st crack wait a bit after the outliers are finished cracking before you start timing 1st crack development time. I usually wait to start timing first crack after I hear a quick succession of pops. pop pop pop. The more you roast the more you will get a handle on this. Also make sure the Bullet is thoroughly heated up at least 30 to 40 minutes before roasting.

Have fun,