Stopped at first crack

So I’ve just done a 1kg roast of an ethiopian (sidamo) which I pulled out the second I heard the first crack. Got that tip from a local roaster who does amazing light roasts, albeit on a much bigger machine of course. Didn’t mod the cooling tray, so maybe it’ll be the same result?
I’ll keep you posted!

Very eager to hear how that cups!

didn’t want to wait haha, so here’s some cupping feedback already:
(mostly agreed between three cuppers)

Roast 1: Stopped at FC (see original post)

  • little bit of wheat (probably from degassing)
  • roasted rice / tea (if you know Genmaicha tea, that’s the perfect fit!)
  • sweet puffed rice

Roast 2: Reference Roast (my normal profile, 14% development, around City+)

  • apple, though lacking acidity
  • honey
  • chocolate

I’m a little afraid of what roast 1 would look like in an espresso to be honest :sweat_smile:
But really looking forward to enjoy it as a filter coffee! To my surprise the roast was not underdeveloped so far, even though it’s very light!

Will update in the next days with different preparation methods!


That’s really interesting that you got that from an Ethiopia! I got that from an India Monsoon.

So how was it with a few more days of rests?

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Nice! Didn’t get anything but crema from monsooned yet haha!
As an Espresso it is really third-wavey, to me a little too sour even, but not in a bad way tbh. just a little much to drink often. Add 1 part water for an americano though and it’s fantastic. Same if drunk as filter coffee. Almost fruit juice instead of coffee, really refreshing and very well fitting for summer!
In a cappuccino it’s really easy for the coffee to get overwhelmed by the milk and even if you drink cortado style still too much milk to really enjoy the flavor. Works nicely only if you go down to macchiato level :grin:
Another experiment that went surprisingly well is affagato. With vanilla icecream the fruityness is elevated and it really fits the summer theme :slight_smile:
Overall, 10/10 would recommend; especially for filter coffee!

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SM had recommended roasting the Monsoon dark, I went a little lighter to get that roasted rice. Just had a cup by itself (i.e. black brewed using Clever Dripper) this morning :slight_smile: