Storing 5lbs fresh roast to off-gas?

I have an order for five pounds (2.3Kg) of roasted coffee beans for local delivery. I’d like to let the beans off-gas for two days prior to delivery but I don’t want to just set them on a counter or anything. What’s a good container for this much coffee that is at least valved, if not vacuum sealed?

By the way I really enjoy storing small roast batches in this vacuum container: - 32 fl oz Electric Coffee Vacuum Canister with Intelligent Leak Prevention System and Date Tracker, One-touch Vacuum Activation Food Storage Container , Airtight Sealed Jar for Coffee Cookie Sugar Tea

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Probably best to bag the coffee in bags with 1-way valves. There are many choices. I’ve used these from for the last 3 (?) years…

Kraft Coffee Bags with Valve | 50 Pack | 3 3/8" x 2 1/2" x 13"

You need to order the tin ‘ties’ separately. Prices on the ‘net are all over the map so do your due-diligence. Be sure to include shipping charges in the price comparison. There are many choices but the ones I linked hold 1 lbs (barely!).

Dunno how they compare to what you use but AirScape has some good choices for counter-top coffee storage containers with a shutoff valve integrated into the handle of the inner sealed cover/lid. Leaving the coffee stored on the counter top is a good plan- not much resting/aging goes on in the fridge. That said, the fridge is a good choice for long term storage.


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Thank you, Bruce. I was hoping someone had a line on a 5lb valved bag or something else that they’ve had good luck with. I love ClearBags and have been delivering 5lbs of coffee with their ZBG8 which does not have a valve but isn’t a problem since the bag gets opened often. I wish I could get one of those with a valve-- I asked and they didn’t have anything.

Kinda sounds like a custom bag which then sounds like $$. It just seems like there ought to be a non-custom solution for you. You might have to call ClearBags (800-233-2630) (or ??) to see if they have a suggestion for how to get what you want.


The only time I’ve seen valved 2lb or 5lb bags are bulk wholesale type of packaging but those typically require heat sealing (i.e. not zip sealed). So I’m sure if you google you might find something but not sure they would sell you just 1 bag. You might be better off with multiple bags of what you can find retail. There are other companies beside ClearBags (who I do buy from) that sells valved bags. Just Google.

U-Line has 5 lb bags with valves. $188/100,

These are heat sealed. Heat sealers aren’t all that expensive and can be used with smaller bags, as well. You could prolly make an iron do the job, too.

71.5 cents each in onesies. Also heat seal.


You could try the Hobbock Roasting | JoeFrex GmbH
I’ve been using it to store green and roasted coffee, and haven’t noticed deterioration even after 2 months, when I was testing it. For your needs, which I understand are just degassing, they should do just fine. I don’t know if they deliver to the US or if they’re available on Amazon or somewhere else. I bouight them from here JoeFrex Hobbock Coffee Canister With Vent Valve - Crema ( because they offer free shipping, while JoeFrex doesn’t.

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