Storing roast coffee idea

I have been storing my roast coffee in glass mason jars with fermentation lock lids on them for several years and find that this works well.

The little pump pulls a vacuum on the jars (similar to a Vacu-Vin wine saver system)

I order the lids from Amazon:

You can use any wide mouth mason canning jars with these lids. I typically use the 1 quart size and the one half gallon size. The 64oz, half gallon size will typically be able to hold 800 grams of coffee after roasting. Walmart is a good source for the 64oz jars. I found them locally for $13.97 for 6 jars. I also use the 32oz, quart size jars.

Immediatly after roasting, I pull a vacuum on the jar with a few strokes of the pump. Most of the oxygen will be removed. After a day or two the vauum will be gone but the jars still shouldn’t have much oxygen in them just the CO2 from the outgassing freshly roasted beans. After the initial outgassing of CO2 from the freashly roasted beans, I will pull a vacuum on the jar again and the vacuum will remain for weeks.

It is very easy to release the vacuum by pushing on the little green silicon button valve on top of the lid. If you don’t release the vacuum, the jars are hard to open.

I use blue painter’s tape for the label. It is very easy to remove when the jar is empty.

This system is very easy to use and only takes a few extra seconds in the daily routine of brewing coffee.

The lids are dishwasher safe.

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These look great for small amounts. I am going to try airscape lids and nitrogen flushing in food safe buckets for bulk roasted coffee storage. I’d like to nitrogen flush bags, but the cheapest equipment I’ve found to do that is not all that cheap (over $2,000) and is just an add-on to a cheap Chinese made continuous bag sealer.

@toddjohnson This is interesting.

I wonder if the airscape lids would work with oxygen absorbers:

I know that some of the doomsday preppers use buckets and put some dry ice in the bucket with the foods and grains that they are storing. The dry ice evaporates and creates a gas that would push oxygen out of the bucket and kill most bugs.

I don’t need to store large quantities. The method that I am using allows me to have several roasted coffees ready to be sampled at any time.

Amazon also sells 5 gallon mylar bags with oxygen absorbers.

This works great if you have a foodsaver vacuum sealer: