Struggling with saving a good roast and playing it back

Hello Everyone. I am thoroughly enjoying my bullet and diving deeper into the world of roasting. One thing I am really having a hard time understanding is saving a roast profile that I would want to use for consecutive roasts. I do not understand the trigger type at all, is it necessary? Basically, if you could just assume I’m an idiot and walk me through how to save a roast that I can then play back for multiple roasts of the exact same type it would be much appreciated!

Not sure I get the specifics of what you want to do but I’ll take a stab at it.

All roast profiles are saved both on your computer and on Roast.World in your user account (@mistajakesplsv ). You can re-use any of your roast profiles in RT3 in 3 ways:

  • as an Overlay which serves as a reference graph in the background of the next roast so you can if you choose make all the same power, drum and fan (P/D/F) changes following the horizontal lines that display these P/D/F actions. To start a profile for Overlay, go to the Roast History page in RT3 click on the roast you want to use. With the roast graph displayed click the Action icon to display the drop down list and click Overlay. Once you set that earlier profile as an Overlay, it will appear in the background on the Roast page once you select Preheat and will stay in the background till you cancel it. Alternately you can…
  • Playback a previous roast. It’s selected the same way using the drop down list under Actions but its action in a roast is quite different. The Playback reproduces each P/D/F action of that earlier roast in the same time-ordered sequence. Those changes to P/D/F settings don’t repeat based upon temperature. So Playback re-plays the earlier roast exactly as it was first executed based upon Time only.
  • the last way to use a previous profile is to create a Recipe from that earlier profile. You would most likely do that ahead of starting a roast session. The Recipe it creates will be essentially the same as a Playback in that it replicates Preheat settings as well as each P/D/F action in the same time ordered sequence without regard for temperature. However, during the creation step (or later in an edit) you can change the execution of those P/D/F steps to based upon either IBTS temp readings or Bean Temp readings. You still must include a time element which means you will want to set that Time value to something earlier than when it occurred in the reference roast. Time must be equal to or greater than the time of the temperature criteria.

Dunno if this covers what you wanted so let me know what I or someone else can expand on.