Struggling with Washed Heirlooms

Hello Everyone!
Didnt want to plague this forum with my struggles, but need the expertise of the talented folks here to help ease my frustrations with some washed Heirlooms I have from Yirgacheffe. 15 roasts in with these beans and I can’t quite seem to get it right (also, yep, im a total novice still finding my feet with the Bullet and roasting in general). My latest attempt (chart below) was the closest ive come to a successful roast, but would truly appreciate the thoughts from this community of where I should focus some changes to Power and Fan based on the wealth of knowledge and experience that exists here. These beans seem to hit FC at around 195 IBTS…any feedback on my drying / maillard ratios, power / fan settings at key milestones, along with anything else weird you see in my profile will be truly appreciated.
I learn so much from you all, so goes without saying im very grateful for any and all help!

Hey Luke,

How does it taste? The graph looks good from my limited experience. Think it’s helpful to know what didn’t work out right to make suggestions. That is, does the coffee taste underdeveloped, doesn’t have the notes you were looking for, too acidic, caught fire during the 5th minute of second crack, ect.



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Seems to me, Yirgacheffe-Washed normally hits FC @ 200c IBTS…If that is correct (at least 2 to 3 pops at a time) your final IBTS @198c is way too low.
Try to use IBTS 200c as the FC and drop the beans after 1 ~ 1’10" (keep the RoR around 5~8c after FC) if you like very light roast. That should give you Agtron of 88~90+, and the weight loss between 11~12.5%

Hope that helps


For my two-cents, I agree with the prior comment. I coincidently have been roasting Yirga Cheffes. I typically find that small, hard beans (like these) require a higher preheat temp so that they go into FC with more energy and don’t get baked/flat tasting. I make a large power reduction 1-2 degrees prior to FC to keep RoR declining. I roast 455g at a time, so my 245 preheat might be a little high for you, but FC is consistently at 205 and begins at 7:10 - 7:15. I drop at 220, targeting City plus. To my palate, and more importantly, to my wife’s, this produces a great cup.

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Thanks Everyone for the pointers!! I did another experimental roast to determine FC IBTS temp which started at 199 and was rolling by 201 IBTS for these beans…seems I was really missing the mark earlier!! Just did another roast and dropped at 203 after a 1min40sec development and they are shaping up to be very good indeed! Weight loss of 12%, so think these have potential. Again, thanks so much for these pointers, would have been struggling without your input.
Roast profile incase there are further pointers you have now that im actually roasting to FC haha

Great ! Now that you have nailed the correct FC…I have noticed you have been on Gotiti quite a lot of batches. One suggestion is to try with different timing to drop the beans instead of just stick with around 1:50 after FC to drop the beans and taste what is the difference and which one is your favorite. Start with 1 minute with 10 second incremental period per batch if you are interested …good luck

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Let us know how that last one cupped. Did you like the results? That’s the most important.

Fred, thanks for the idea - ill give that a go! Still figuring out this whole roasting thing, so will definitely focus on some varying development times and how they affect the end product!

The last attempt was really really good (yup, im quite proud haha)! Black tea and lemon notes, quite floral, probably a little bit “earthier” than I like, but to Freds point, will play around with development times now that I have a general idea of how to manage a roast to fine tune it all.

Wholehearted thank-you to everyone for the comments and notes on my roasts, without you all, would be struggling big time!!