Sudden fluctuations in bean probe readout not IBTS

I have a new Aillio Bullet and have finished seasoning the drum and performed about 10 successful roasts with good smooth profiles. Recently I am getting fluctuations in the “bean temperature readout” (not the IBTS readout) which by itself is not a bother. However, the calculated ROR becomes unusable as the spikes compress the scale. I am assuming this has happed to others before so I am hoping to get some advice on the cause and cure.
the link to a typical problem profile follows Roast World - Cup, grade, and analyze your coffee roasts in depth

I think there is a periodic electrical connection between the bean probe and the chassis.
This normally happens if the wires to the bean probe that runs between the outside (aluminum) and inside (stainless steel) plates squeezes the probe wires.
You will need to take out the the buttons / control board module and then remove the front plate. Unscrew the inside plate and check that the wires from the probe are not squeezed and that they are running in the groove.
If this does not make any sense please contact Aillio to see if they have a guide - but it should be pretty straight forward.

Were you able to resolve this the way Jacob described? Just roasted and had this occur. I have also noticed that it is repeatedly causing the roaster to auto-trigger roasting very shortly after it announces charge.

I am having the same issue. was waiting for a fix. (I thought it was software related)

Is this the same issue. Do I need to open and look at wires?

I think it would be wishful thinking to suggest that it wasn’t a hardware issue. If you haven’t done it already you should start a trouble ticket at → Contact and fill out the form so Support can guide you thru trouble shooting the problem. They should be able to work it out quickly once they get in contact.


Aillio support answered the question and had me contact Sweet Marias for a new probe. Sweet Marias shipped out quickly and I have it now. Just need to install the new bean probe. Support supplied an instruction video on how to do the replacement. Bullet should be back in good shape soon.