Suggest form field for density

I have been measuring the density of my beans and find it a great reference for my roasts. It would be great to catalog that somewhere.

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Welcome @kpcarch! Good idea.
Would you explain more about how you make use of density information? I ask because Royal provides density, moisture content, and water activity data for their crown jewels, along with some roasting suggestions based on those numbers. Until now I’ve just added the information to the Bean Description text, but not done much with it. Curious to learn more on this.

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higher density beans take heat differently than less dense beans, the higher the density you may have to add more heat or change when you add heat, similar to discussions of high grown beans needing a different roast curve. I am not an expert but I want readily available info that can help me get a good roast especially when trying a new bean.

Here is a good article on measuring density :

Green Coffee Analytics Part IV - Density - Royal Coffee.

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Hey @kpcarch,

Thanks for the suggestion!

We actually have an existing field called Bean Density that allows specifying high, medium, and low density. It uses an exact chart as the one given in the article.

However, in your suggestion, do you mean a field that you can write the exact density value?

Yes, it would be great to have a field for density value.

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Hi @bradm,

That’s really cool that Royal imparts that important information on the beans, but most don’t, so I see the point being made here. However, it’s hard to know what you’re dealing with unless it’s stated or you have a moisture gauge or just measuring by relativity with other beans. However, now I may have to order one of those Crown Jewel boxes! lol See how you are!?? :smiley: