Suggested Cleaning Cycle


I would agree. Once I got it off and started cleaning, it wasn’t so bad at all. Best to stay on top of cleaning the back of the faceplate though. That stuff takes a good bit of elbow grease to get off. A bit of Cafiza in some water did the trick for me. Just careful how concentrated that stuff gets.


That works for me too. Also, others here have mentioned using Simple Green successfully.



I’m so amazed at how clean my trier is now lol


Had A similar, but more involved problem. It was hard to tell the fan wasn’t running properly initially as it is pretty quiet. But eventually it died completely. At that point, pre-heat wouldn’t go above 205C and errors would fire mid roast. In the end, it turned out to be a problem with the control board, not just the fan. But mine seems to be a rare issue.


Yeah, my problem/solution/perspective is simplistic as it wasn’t involved. But there are a lot of electronics in these machines making for a lot of possibilities. Glad you’re back roasting!