Suggested End Temperatures by Roast Degree

Hey everyone!

I would love to know how you all choose your target end temperatures for different roast degrees. With a DTR of about 22%, I’m frequently ending the roast at only 9-11 degrees C above FC temps, which (after seeing a lot of different Aillio roast profiles) seems really low. My roasts seem to be very much in the medium-roast range, but should I potentially be targeting higher end temperatures?

Let me know your opinions! I would love some criticism and/or guidance.

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Hi @benlange64.DjZV

Not claiming to know much about roasting in any way but I started off using DTR for determining my roast degrees. Since bean moisture content is a big issue for us (varying and sometimes, not optimal), what I realized is that moisture impacts the Yellowing and thus all the other milestones majorly. Since DTR is based on FC, for the same beans, in case different batches have slightly different moisture content, the result off DTR alone gave very varying roast levels. As of now, I have started using a slightly holistic approach and have changed my process, primarily based on drop temp/delta temp while also keeping track of DTR and time since FC.

In general, I still follow a declining ror (IBTS) but, as of now, have no qualms in having my curve rise up at the end of roast if my development is going too slow (based on time since FC). I have noticed that post FC, the beans usually go exothermic at 10% - 12 5 DTR and that helps me step down P or step up F as required. For dropping my beans, I calculate it as FC + 8C… 8 for Light, 16 for Medium and 24 for Dark. It works quite well but based on individual beans, may need a bit of tweaking the temp up or down. For example, with a FC of 204C, a light would be 212C, medium would be 220C and a dark at 228C.

My general preference though is for quicker development vs slower.