Sync between RT 2.5.5-stable and RW

Following the “manual” of RT
(not even sure if google gives me the legit one, How To Use RoasTime 2 | by Aillio | Medium
, and where is the official one?)

I am using RT 2.5.5-stable under Win10. I downloaded some roasting profiles in RW. However, I cannot see those “download” profiles unless I log out in RT and log back in. And every time I log out and back in, my temperature unit will be reset to Celsius. It is kind of pain to use this way. Did I miss something, or we just have to do it to get RT and RW sync’ed?

Thanks for the help!

For the manual go to and hover on Support, then choose Online Manual. That will take you to docs.Google where it will display the manual. You can d/l a .pdf to read off-line. That’s the ‘official manual’.

RT has to refresh after the d/l is complete. I don’t know any other way to do it besides re-opening RT.

Hopefully we’ll see a newer RT version soon. That said…

There are already newer versions of RT than 2.5.5-stable. However, I found that on my Win10 laptop, after viewing a chart then clicking the Arrow to go to the next chart (upper right), newer RT versions would substitute °C for °F but the label would still say °F. So I’ve stayed with RT 2.5.5-stable.

There were a few changes to that release after the initial release on 2 Dec 2019, so if you have any doubts you can d/l a fresh copy here. Since you have Win10 you can check to see what version you have by opening Windows Explorer and finding the d/l’ed file. Then right-click that d/l’ed file and choose Properties → Details and check “Product version”. The newest is (22 Feb 2020).


Thanks a lot for the help! My version is the newest as you specified. In my case, even I exit and re-run RT will NOT get the RW download sync into RT. I was confused by that for a long time. Finally, I logged out and back in, then those files showed up.

I really look forward to the day RT is matured to be worthy companion of the $2800 Bullet. For now, it makes me even really miss that “used-to-be-pain-in-the-rear” Artisan. :joy::joy::joy:

BTW, the “manual” at google doc is for Bullet, NOT for the RoasTime.

Anyone knows the manual hidden anywhere in Github?

You’re right! My bad… sorry. I think it contains some rudiments but not RT operating instructions.

Further down the list is How to Use RoasTime 2. It’s dated April 2019 and provides somewhat high level operating instructions, but probably dated and lacking details you want. Depending on how long you’ve been using the Bullet with RT2 it may be of some introductory use.


Hey @puckja,

This is on me. We were in the middle switching datastores in 2.5.5 and a few bugs were introduced. If you would prefer, I can add you to our beta for RT v3 which does not have any of these issues?


Hi Matt:

Thanks for taking care of it. Sure I would love to try out V3 beta.



Hi Matt
May I have a v3 beta version?
I did decide to use artisan for our roast but I wanna try new features
it will be my honor
thanks a lot Matthew :slight_smile: