Sync issue. Lost graphs. (network firewall/ad-block or my workflow issue?)

I am a newbie.
I did a couple of test roasts with the bullet today.
I had nothing in my inventory so I tried to add beans later.
I could not figure out if it is me doing wrong things, my network firewall and ad-blockink or just me doing stupid things…

I had issue adding beans into inventory.
I tried to add into RoasTime - they didn’t appear in Roast.World.
I tried to add them in Roast.World and it worked better.
To be fair I don’t recall exact sequence of events but at the end I have my two roasts with beans specified. But everything else gone - no graphs. The only value left is roast duration.

I am not too concerned about these two roasts.
But going forward I need to be sure this won’t happen again.
I need to understand what I have to do/not to do to avoid data loss in the future.

Network-wise… It would be great to know what backend (hostname) RoasTime is using to sync data so I can make sure it is not blocked.
I will create a separate topic for this question.
I have PiHole in my network so it might be responsible for my issues too.

If this is my workflow…
What is the right way of adding new beans and using them in roasts? Add beans via Roast.World, do explicit Sync (top right corner button) in RoasTime and then edit my roast?

When click explicit Sync button in RoasTime does it do “sync” or “download from Roast.World” only?

RoasTime v.3.4.1

FWIW I have similar issues with RoasTime seeing my entire list of bean inventory and I have to edit my roast on RW to input the correct bean from inventory. I had already reported this. I don’t know whether the issue is with RT or RW in this case.

I also had one incident of one of my graphs being overwritten by another roast when I was editing the roast that was overwritten.

For me I know for sure it is not network firewall related since my home setup is not as restricted as yours.

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I run Pi-hole and don’t have any issues with or RoasTime. I’ve added several block lists in addition to the default set. I’ve also configured Pi-hole to use unbound for dns instead of relying on an external dns provider.

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