Syncing issue between Roast.Wolrd and RT v4.6.16

Hi - I’m having a sync issue between Roast.World and RT v4.6.16. A Bean I added on Roast.World does not appear on RT, and my roast on RT does not appear on Roast. World. Could anyone please advise what I should do? Thank you!

Hey @seijozaki.9rKP, can you try re-logging into RT? I’d also like to ask if the beans show up in your My Beans page on Roast.World? If it doesn’t show on this page, you might need to add it to your inventory.

Please also share the link of the bean that isn’t syncing so that we can check if there’s any issue.


Hi @derrxb - Thank you for your quick response. I re-logged into RT, but this did not work. I see the beans in My Beans page on Roast.World.

See below for the link to the beans I added on Roast.World.

I saw somewhere that sometimes firewall block of PCs blocks syncing between RT and Roast.World. I use my company’s PC so thought it might be a possibility - is there anything I can do to check that’s the case?

Hey @seijozaki.9rKP,

That’s more than likely the cause of this. You might need to see if you can add the following to bypass your firewall: