Temperature Offset

Hi all,
my FC always start much lower than the references. E.g. Aillio puts it at 202-206 C @ IBTS and my already start at around 180 C … Is this just some offset? This happens with different coffees :confused:
Cheers and thanks for any help

Two possibilities come to mind-

  • defective IR sensor, i.e. the offset calibration hasn’t been saved or is in error or there’s a gain error in sensor; it’s not user settable.
  • the sensor is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

To my mind, the latter is the most likely and since the offset is so large I would guess you’ll see a piece of chaff in the view port for the sensor. If you roast really dark it may be that there is substantial roasting snot on the sensor but that is difficult to have happen since there is a fan spinning at 16,000 rpm drawing air from the Control panel pedestal to cool the sensor and keep out the chaff. That said there have been a few reports of reverse flow direction on that fan (it was installed backwards) so perhaps it’s time to start a Trouble Ticket with Aillio and get a credible opinion.


Hi Bruce,

thanks a bunch for the elaborate reply!
As, besides the seasoning, I barely roasted anything even close to second crack, I’ll get in contact with Aillio immediately.