Temperture differences after FIrmware update

After latest firmware update sensors are reading temperature 15 degrees higher for first crack. Turned roaster on and off, unplugged usb and still no change. Any suggestions?

What f/w version is installed?

2 things come to mind that may be happening-

  • You may have had something on the IBTS like chaff or whatever. It may have finally been blown out of the passageway that is targeting the drum area. Not likely but… ???

  • I went thru this a few months ago (May?) but in the opposite direction. I thought IBTS data had shifted down about 15°F. Jacob swore there was no f/w change that affected IBTS readings so I convinced myself I’d made an error. Then I had the brainstorm to use the roast analysis tool to plot roasts both sides of the date I thought things had changed. Unfortunately I found there was no change in offset. Still nags at me to this day, but my roast data says otherwise.

The roast analysis tool can be really helpful in the second situation. If you do find something to support the temperature shift at FCstart, I want to get that same f/w version!


ps- I’ve assumed you’re seeing the offset using beans you’re familiar with. If the beans are new to you, perhaps you’re seeing a difference in variety, density, moisture content, etc.

Which FW did you come from, and update to? We have not changed how the temperature readings are calculated - for a long time.

I cleaned the sensor, unplugged everything again and ensured latest firmware is downloaded then did 4 roasts with 2 different beans I am very familiar with - FC is coming approx 8°C to 9°C later then it always has (at 210°C on IBTS) both beans pushing the end temperature way higher than usual to get the desired development time.

The firmware I updated to is 523 stable release coming from the firmware I updated last in January when I received my Bullet 1.5.

I had the same thing, but not timed with a firmware update. Not long after my roaster started beeping 10 times and saying “rES” when I first plug it in. I emailed Aillio and they suspect the IBTS has failed and a new one is apparently on the way.

Maybe it is the same issue?

Maybe take off the front and verify that no bean is stuck at the IBTS sensor.

I actually had the same problem as @johnrathwell with the “rES” showing up and beeping repeatedly. This only happened one time and I did not see anything in the manual about this code so I updated the firmware and roastime software on my computer. The beeping and “rES” has not happened since but the temperature has been off for every roast.

I checked it and cleaned it (no bean stuck at sensor) without change since it started happening. Will check once more later today though.

Is it tracking any changes in ambient temperature where you roast?

@yakster no change in ambient temperature. Hoping aillio can provide some insight into how to correct this problem? @jacob

@johnrathwell did you ever find out what the “rES” code indicated?

@nathandreimer - I was told the “rES” is what comes up when it can’t sense or senses a new IBTS. I guess it is part of the setup when installing a new IBTS.

Aillio customer support has been a little hit or miss for me with some lengthy time between email responses. I am not even sure my parts of in the mail yet as they have not gotten back to me with a tracking number. I have asked 3 times now.

Good luck!

I have sent an email to Aillio support - hoping they are capable of helping fix this as soon as possible.

Did you get a reply?

Can you give us your username for Roast.world? and tell me when you started seeing the change? I would like to have a look at your profiles.

I experienced the exact same today after donloading fw 533. Temp is now at 202c at FC. Before fw update it meassured FC at app 192c.
Its not dust on the ibts (i think). When My ibts get dusty it Will read a lower Temp.

What was your firmware level prior to the update?

FC should normally happen between 202 to 207 depending on how you define FC so 192 is too low.

Well my new IR sensor showed up and I installed it and the numbers are back to where they should be for Yellow, FC and SC. I also updated to FW533 the night before. So far when plugged in, I am not getting the “rES” or any other error codes during warmup and roasting.

Hopefully this is just a few bad IR sensors and not something that more folks have fail on them.

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Good to hear! Together with the supplier of the fans we are investing these issues.

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New IBTS arrived and installed yesterday - roasted three batches today and numbers are spot on with where they should be again. Seems to have had nothing to do with firmware update after all and more so to do with a faulty sensor. Thanks to the Aillio team for healping me out quickly. @johnrathwell @jacob