The R2 Question for me is


Airflow temps not valuable data?

How is it possible to not provide valuable data? This is coffee roasting no?

I can hit same end temps on IBTS while my airflow temps might be 10degrees different, just depending on how I apply heat. Over the course of a roast that has a massive impact on the beans.

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Yeah, and we added the capability and people have tried it because we thought it was useful. As it turns out not so much.


That sounds a little dismissive. Was there an explanation as to why?

I can understand that the air temperature numbers change with batch size, but within a batch size, the air temps give a very good indication of roast development and energy.

For example, if the room temperature is 10 degrees lower, the IBTS and BP may not show the effect, and the roast might come out a bit lighter, whereas the airflow temps will show this.

I’ve also watched the IBTS and BP rising while the air temps fall.

This all has a noticeable change on the roasts.

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