This bean from Sweet Maria's DELICIOUS!

Yemen Al Qafr Hawari

I took it a little over a minute past first crack… its just delicious as an espresso. Even at 435 deg. it still does not look super dark, so much chocolate flavor, and an interesting problem of too much crema. If you like chocolate flavors this one is a winner. Also, the descriptions that Sweet Maria’s does in my opinion are VERY accurate, and that is just awesome!


Thanks for that recommendation. That flavor profile is definitely in my wheelhouse.
Couldn’t find your roast profile on roast world. A link perhaps?

Thanks for the tip. I’ve mostly been buying the Matari (or Harasi when they have it). Will definitely have to try this Al Qafi Hawari! Several of my friends consistently want Yemen beans.

Would love to see your roast profile.

That’s the link… if not its my last few roasts on my profile…


Thanks for the link. The main things that jumps out at me are the D6 setting and 190C preheat but if it gives you great results, that’s all that matters. I just ordered some of those beans from SM’s and am anxious to try your method.

Let me know!!!


I roasted 600g of these beans from SM using your profile 3 days ago,and I am sipping a shot now. It is very good. I think that it still needs another day or two (or three) to rest. I seldom roast to 435.
Nothing burnt in the flavors. Strong chocolate notes. Good body.

I’ve been using Sweet Marias for several years. it seems like the green beans I order are often times past their prime. Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve been trying out Burman recently.

Not same with Sweet Marias, but I do like some beans from Burman for sure