Time needed to preheat between batches in back-to-back mode

Hey everyone, Is there a way to reduce time needed to preheat between batches in back-to-back mode?
I usually do 10+ batches at a time at 300/310 charge temperature and it takes around 6-7 minutes to reach temperature needed, and that adds up to around an hour at the end of the day!

I do not want to skip the preheat because consistency matters to me, but I do not mind doing so if I will still get consistent results!

It depends how fast you’re pressing the buttons. Other than that, people tend to ease the heat toward the end of the roast, so the roaster does need to recover heat, and the beans you put in at the beginning cool it down also. The only way the preheat would take less time is if you roast on P9 F1 for about 15 minutes, but I think you wouldn’t live to see the results. Kidding aside, plain answer is no, because the preheat energy is lost during the roast.


got it! you sound in a good mood today LOL!

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I hit the F1/preheat buttons as soon as I drop, and by the time I’m done cooling the beans, the Bullet tells me to charge.

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