Top Ten Roast Profile

I recently took part in the SoCal Bodhi Leaf’s Home Roasting Competition and placed in the top ten, out of 80 participants. Their feedback included they loved my roast and that I was only .02 behind the winning roast cupping score. It is a great confidence booster for me knowing roasting pro’s rated my roast so highly. I always thought I roasted good coffee on the Bullet.

Hats off to Aillio, as this profile is similar to the one from the manuals Light Roast Example.
To the new comer, especially those needing to know if they are producing a good quality roast, following this Aillio profile will give you a winning roast and a leaping off point for creating your own special roast.!
I love my Bullet!

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That’s awesome! And thank you for sharing and caring, I have saved it and shall try an overlay when I get hold of similar beans.


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Félicitations à vous.

That’s quite an accomplishment. Kudos.
I roast in degrees Celsius so I had to convert your numbers. I was a bit surprised at how low your values for yellowing and FC were. I know yellowing is very subjective but I usually consider 160 C (329F) for yellowing. For most beans I roast FC occurs around 195C (383F). There was also about a 57 F degree difference between bean and IBTS readings. My roasts have a considerable smaller difference between the two. What is your typical charge weight? I assume 350g was just for this sample submission.

I believe this is @larryaknigge’s winning roast profile on RW: Roast World - Cup, grade and analyze your roasts in depth

Thank you!
I call yellowing when I can visually see no more green in the seeds. I start listening for FC around 400F and after the outliers have cracked I call it. I use the creative idea of a medical stethoscope inserted in the triar, posted by another Bullet user, to clearly hear what is happening in the drum. I experiment a lot with development time after FC. As far as the differences between bean and IBTS temps I have no idea and I have never roasted a seed that cracks before 400F. The differences between our roasting could be attributed to the part of the world where we live. I reside in the Pacific Northwest, Washington state USA .
I generally roast 650 gram batches and enjoy the seemingly endless variety of coffee seeds around the world. One of my recent favorites is Sumatra Raja Batak Peaberry medium roast revealing a nice spicy flavor in the cup.

Happy Roasting!


Congrats on placing second!! :slight_smile: Thats awesome!!

That’s amazing Larry! A bit randomish but I’m looking at your graph and are you tracking temp with IBTS or the bean probe?

I track temps using the IBTS.
Interestingly, I roasted two other batches using the exact same settings except for development time after first crack. One batch at 90 seconds and one at 120 seconds, both of these batches, when cupped, displayed less overall distinctive flavor although were more heavily bodied and also tasty in the cup.

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That’s just awesome! Thanks for answering my question about IBTS.

Very cool! Congratulations, Larry! I’ve got some EY that I’ll roast with your profile. I hope I can get the same results. :slight_smile:

On a similar note, is there a particular thread, or group of Bullet folks out there, where constant crafting of profiles can be found? I’d like to dwell on how the chemical compounds are changing in a roast and understand how to isolate particular flavors more consistently. I often feel like I’m guessing, and I’d like it to be more systematic.

If you find such a thing post its link here.

I’m pretty new to my Bullet but not new to roasting (5+ years, Huky gas drum).

After about 50lb I’ve gotten to a point where I am able to craft some decent roasts with different beans, including a Nordic roast of a Honey Yeast processed Guatamala. I have unlocked the last three varieties which turned out nicely. The others were a little darker but still in the City to City+ range as all had acidity and fruit flavors I was trying to unlock.

My last three could all benefit from a shorter middle as I got more caramelization in the ramp than I like. I’ll use these as a baseline for my next roasts and compare the results.

Hope to get a higher early ROR without tipping/scorching to drive through the middle a bit more quickly.