Tried roast level "Light" recipe from R1V2 Manual and searching for roast level "Full city" recipe with 350g (Espresso La boheme bean)

Dear all, I have got the Bullet R1 V2 some time ago and I am testing to roast.
Last week I tried the following “light” roast level recipe from the manual with Espresso LA Boheme.

V2 Roast Recipe Example: 350g
The following roast should finish in about 10 minutes or less.
Roast Level: Light
Weight: 350 grams
Preheat: 220ºC
Charge Settings: Power 7, Fan 2, Drum 9
Infrared Bean [email protected]ºC: Power 6, Fan 3
Infrared Bean [email protected]ºC: Power 5
Infrared Bean [email protected]ºC: Power 4
Infrared Bean [email protected]ºC: Fan 4
<First Crack [email protected]–204ºC >
45–90 seconds after First Crack: End the Roast

For me the light roast or the beans look darker like a light roast.

My question now. Do you have some best practices or recipes for me like above for a Full City Roast with 350g ?



Hi Steffen,

I’ve been using that same roasting example since beginning on the R1V2 in January. Somewhere it mentioned changing one variable at a time. So to try for a City roast by ending 45 seconds after the end of 1st crack. Then by changing only the variable of time to end the roast 90 seconds after the end of 1st crack should bring you closer to a City Plus or beyond. Past that point adding just 15 to 20 seconds can make a big difference. Looking through the window with good lighting, the beans color can be seen changing.

Don’t have lots of experience, just sharing what’s worked for me so far. Personally, I’d rather make an error on the lighter side than the darker side. The lighter side retains more of those unique flavors of origin, and the darker side can get too much of an overbearing roasty flavor.




Welcome to the group! I totally understand the appeal of recipes, but I think you should use “manual transmission” mode, especially as you get familiar with the roaster (and roasting in general). In my experience, the most important variable to get right is the preheat temperature (because you can’t change it once you’ve dropped the beans in!) which I mostly change for different weights. Because it’s so sensitive, I usually only focus on one or two different weights - for me: 300g (samples) and 750g (batches).

Reading your recipe, 45-90 seconds after first crack sounds like a Full City roast (I bet 2nd crack was right around the corner). Stopping the roast just before first crack starts is a light roast. Stopping mid- way through or just after fist crack is done is a medium-light / City roast. Stopping just before second crack is a medium / Full City roast, and anywhere after second crack starts is in the dark roast area.

When I get a new bean that I’ve never tried before, I roast it through to the beginning of second crack to learn where the milestone temperatures (not times!) are. After that I’m in full control of knowing when to stop the roast for a City or a Full City roast. I think you’ll be delighted with how consistent the roaster is, so the milestones really are accurate. I do all of my subsequent roasts of that bean (& weight) in overlay mode with that first roast.

Enjoy the journey! (and the coffee!)