Trouble connecting to RoasTime 4 on Mac

I just got my V1 bullet and am getting ready to do the V2 upgrade but I was told to update the software first. I downloaded RoasTime while plugged in and I can’t get it to connect. I’ve seen a bunch about this with Roastime 3 and Windows but not Roastime 4 and Mac. I don’t see an option to force install drivers or update anything.

Hi @manager.e5xG, connect the usb to the roaster and click on the menu in the top right. Go to Settings → Software → Reinstall dependencies.

If you’re on Windows, you might need to allow some RoasTime programs through the Windows Defender firewall.

Hi Jeff,

There’s no where under software that says reinstall dependencies. It only offerers me the option to change language and export logs.

Hi @manager.e5xG , my apologies, I missed that you’re on Mac. Yes in that case, you won’t see a button to re-install dependencies.

You don’t need to update the software before upgrading to V2.

As for V1, I’ll have to double check on this as I’m not 100% sure if it has issues connecting to the latest version of RoasTime 4.

Hi, I have the same issue with RoasTime 4 and Mac. The only solution for now is to use RoasTime 3.
RoasTime 4 was working fine with the version from 12.06.2023, I think there was an update the next day which brings the connection problem. Fully uninstalling RoasTime 4 is also not a solution.

Is there a way to get RoasTime 3 if I don’t already have it? I haven’t seen a download option for it.

You can download it from here Or if the link does not work go to → Download → Scroll to the bottom of the page and there is a Download RoasTime 3 (Legacy) section