Tryer: Install or Not?

I just received my tryer kit, I have a pre order Bullet where the tryers were not installed yet.
Do you Bullet users use or like the tryer or is the door viewing enough? Any thoughts or regrets?

Go for it …I use it to confirm yellowing during the roast ,relatively easy to assemble.

Yellow is really easy to see through the window, isn’t it? I roast outdoors. When I use the tryer, my ROR plummets. This is when it’s 30-45f out. Maybe I should use something to plug the hole when I have a sample out.

I am about the unhandiest person I know, and I was still able to install the tryer without much trouble. The directions were really very good.

I like the tryer a lot. I don’t keep it pulled out for very long and I haven’t noticed any adverse effect on my roasts, even though I roast in my garage and it could be 40 degrees or less there in the wintertime.

Well, I sat down to install my new kit, I’m glad I tried to put the handle together before I took apart my Bullet, the insert in the wood handle has a threaded tapered metal insert that has glued in it and not enough threads to start the screw before the quick taper, impossible. I even had to remove the overflow of glue to see what I was dealing with… frustrating.

I use it in all my roast :+1:t2:

Same here. It’s tough for me to imagine roasting without my tryer. Hope you get it situated!

I don’t use the tryer, but I installed it anyway figuring that any future firmware updates will be based on it being in place. So I’m basically keeping my roaster the same as current production.

I have not observed a drop in ROR when roasting outdoors.

I installed the tryer kit this morning and just completed my first roast with the tryer, I actually went well into second crack, a place I rarely ever go, It was great being able to look at the beans and give them a little smell.
I’m really digging my Bullet.

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i went back and removed it
imho the airflow is better without - and since the air i unparalleled cold compare to a gasroaster it helps imo