Turning off the Bullet

Hi everyone. I have received my Bullet today and I have a very simple question that I dont find reading online nor the manual guide.

How should I turn off the Bullet? I know, I have to wait until the temperature is below 80ºc but it keeps making some noise (much more than when I turned on). Seems like I will damage something if I directly unplug the cable while is running.

Doesnt have any turn off button or easiest switch? Thanks, and sorry for the noob question.

I know it sounds strange but unplugging is the only way to turn the Bullet off. Aillio did this intentionally/. Someone with a deeper understanding of electrical circuits can tell us why.

I think I remember reading in the manual that it’s to be unplugged from the wall first.

Bothered me, too, that there was no ON/OFF switch. But I got over it when I added a 15A outlet box with a short extension cord and a circuit breaker. Now I have a switch to flip (the breaker) to appease that obsession (what can I say? I’m old!), plus it eliminates the need to frequently connect/disconnect from the Bullet.

Iirc, the warning about removing the plug from the wall was to minimize wear on the receptacle at the Bullet end (it’s mounted on the Bullet power board and mechanically anchored but you still put some small amount of stress on solder connections). You’ll probably still have to remove the cord when you do maintenance in order to get the roaster positioned the way you want it.


I picked up one of these so I have an On/Off switch…so that if for some reason I need to kill the power to the Bullet it can be done quickly rather than fumbling with the plug. With the child safety sockets these days (for building code reasons) it’s a harder push to plug in and harder pull to unplug.

Here is another solution that is a little smaller and still rated for 15 amps:

This one works well if your wall receptacle is within easy reach. If it is not, then the one that @blacklabs linked to may be a bettter option.

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Thanks for your responses and ideas. My second question is that if is normal than the roaster keeps sounding so much louder than when I turned it on although I wait until the temperature is below 80ºc and its ready to unplug.

My Bullet says OFF after it has cooled down below 80C. The drum should not be rotating and the cooling fans should be off. ( a circuit board fan may be on)

The Bullet should be at the same state that it was when you first turned it on before starting a roast.

There may be a difference in the dispaly depending on what firmware is installed

From the manual:


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Thanks for answering, my Bullet doesnt say OFF after it goes down to 80º. How long does it take? Is it instantanously just right after decreasing the temperature to 79º? Thanks.

It should say “off” on the panel once it completes its cool down cycle. This process should not be confused with the cooling tray’s fan which is loud when it comes on at C9.

Edit: I don’t remember know how long it takes as I don’t pay attention to it when I’m done roasting for the day.

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I am the same as @blacklabs. I push the PRS button after my last roast and leave the room. The dispaly shows SHUD for shutdown. I will come back half an hour or more later then the Bullet says OFF

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I use an appropriately rated plug strip with switch at my roasting station that allows me to turn off everything - roaster, ventilation fan, laptop and bag sealer - once the roaster shows “OFF”.


I live in an area that gets more than an occasional thunderstorm. I roast in my basement where I also have an expensive table saw. I unplug both the Bullet and the saw after I’m done for the day. When I storm blows through, I don’t have to worry about a lightening strike frying some expensive pieces of equipment.