Typing a question mark in RoasTime opens a window instead of a “?”

Any reason for not being allowed to use “?” Or type question marks in roastime4?

Recently all of my roasts have been self deleting the titles and descriptions, so when I went back into to type in new titles, some I was not sure about and input a question mark, but instead some window pops up and it shuts the roast description edit window.

Yes, I’ve found not being able to type in a question mark, even in notes, quite annoying. It doesn’t seem to be listed in the keyboard shortcuts as well. It would be nice if they could remove this universal shortcut and allow all normal characters to be typed, especially in notes.

There are other strange behaviors in the software as well, like in recipes using backspace to delete a number after a period automatically returns to the beginning of the line instead of behaving normally (allowing you to continue backspacing the next character). Not sure why this abnormal behavior was programmed into the software, but hopefully it will be corrected in an update.

Hey @here,

This is a bug with the shortcuts. We will get this fixed and sorted out.


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