Unable to create recipe from previous roast

For some reason when I click “create recipe” on a previous roast profile, nothing loads except for my Charge Temp…no triggers at all, I have to manually enter them all. Anyone else have this issue- I’m sure I’m missing something, used to work just fine.


I just confirmed what I have here with RT3 v/3.4.1. I’m not sure when the features were modified to what is currently in 3.4.1 so if you have an earlier RT3 version you may have to update.

You should be able to go to RT3 Roast History (the list of previous roasts), find the roast you want to convert to a Recipe, click the ‘sign post’ (Create Recipe) and RT3 will copy the initial conditions (Preheat, P, D, & F) into a new untitled Recipe along with a sequential history of all P/D/F events from the historical/reference roast. RT3 should then open the Recipes page with all these steps ready for you to refine the Recipe.

None of the steps have been entered into the new Recipe except the initial conditions (Preheat, Drum & Fan speeds and Power setting at T = 00:00). Each roast profile step should be ready to be selectively copied to Recipe steps. Or you can use Select All at the top to copy all steps over to the Recipe. You’ll need to create a title and of course save your work.

That will get you started. I imagine you’ll have questions- some you’ll figure out easily; though implications of the Temp AND Time conditional aren’t so clear. Just see how it goes.