Unable to give star rating to roasts

Hi there. I have recently updated my RoastTime Software to version 4.6.16 and I can no longer change the star rating of my roasts. Does anyone know how to get around this please? It appears as though I can’t rate roasts with a star rating on the Roast.World site also.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Hey @jajw - I just tested and was able to rate my profiles. Are you going into the individual roast and editing it to rate?

Yeah I am with you cannot find where that is any longer??? there was a button somewhere to pick as many stars as you want… now its just the rating button which is totally different… Anyone?

Thank you!

Hi @jajw @questavolta,

On Roast.World, you should be able to click on any of your roasts, then ‘edit’ in the ‘actions’ dropdown.
The rating selector is at the bottom:

In RoasTime, edit your roast and the rating selector is just under the ‘bean’ dropdown: