Unable to see previous roast profiles in RT2

When I try to look at previous roasts on 2.0.5 while connected to the R1, most of the time, after clicking on the “eye” icon, the screen just scrolls to the top, but does not display the profile. Only rarely does the profile display. RT 2.0.5 on Win 10.

Were these imported from windows v1? If so, I know there was a bug in the import for a few people that was fixed in 2.0.5 - if you reimport the profiles (they will overwrite the old ones), they should show if it’s the same issue.

I tried re-importing all profiles, but will not be roasting for a while, now. We should be in a newer version RT2 by then.

BTW, after importing, the roast IDs go down to #22, after which, the earliest 21 roasts are all numbered #1.

Are they numbered correctly on the RT1 on windows?

You are correct; they are all labeled as roast number 1. Must be because they were roasted on a super-early version of RT1.

Yes, in the RT1 they were labeled as roast number. Unfortunately there was a bug in some beta versions of the firmware which did not increment the roast number correctly, which is why they are wrong. Maybe Matthew can make some smart way of changing it in a later release of RoasTime.

I suppose it would be nice if Matthew did that, but there are more important things for him to work on. If it is important enough for me, I will just fix in RT1 and re-import.

Cheers C