Unable to use software features

Hi all,

Ive had multiple issues since I got the bullet. Most recently, I Updated software to v3.3.2, it worked fine for a couple of roasts - meaning I could begin to start using the software and logging roasts.

Now, the bullet appears to connect to the software but just hangs saying something like ‘bullet is ready, start preheating’. I’m trying to use a recipe I’ve saved but I’ve just reverted to roasting manually because I can’t seem to get the software to allow me to start the recipe.

Wondering if anyone has encountered this?

have a look at this video from Ingo at Roast Rebels. https://youtu.be/z6jjdmOCzTk

he’s done a few others too.

Your question is actually a bit vague. “saying something like”. If you are running a recipe just go to the recipe page. select the play icon (start roast with recipe). a dialog window saying recipe started. You are in recipe mode click here to go start roasting). Just click the word here in that dialog. and you’ll get the start preheating button within the roast window.

that’s it. If your roaster is connected and you have the green light on the bottom left of that window. You’re good to go.

Most of all. just have fun with it.

Yep, I’ve watched a lot of videos- the roast rebels ones are particularly helpful for the bullet but not with this particular problem.

Apologies for the vagueness, I can’t remember verbatim what the roaster said but assumed it would be clear. It’s the same message you always get when the roasters ready to roast. However, it won’t allow me to begin roasting from the software. Clicking on the preheat button doesn’t do anything; neither does the PRS button. It only allows me to roast manually.

Have you confirmed the roaster is connected (green mark in bottom left corner where it says roaster connected/disconnected)?

If it’s connected, it should just work irrespective of whether you’re starting from recipe screen or roasting screen. If it’s not connected, just try reconnecting the USB cable and see if that changes anything. If that doesn’t work, try reloading the drivers and then restart roastime. You can also look for the zadig driver application and then just run that and load the bullet drivers from there and then restart roastime. Each step, check if you have a green mark bottom left. If all that fails, just log a support ticket.

hope this helps.

Could you post a screenshot? I’m wondering if the Recipe has actually started. In the lower left corner you should see the Recipe name displayed above the Power/Drum/Fan slider buttons. Also there ought to be a transparent/grey “Cancel Recipe” button in the lower right corner of the Roast screen as the Bullet Preheats.

If you don’t see both of those, then the Recipe didn’t launch. So just to be sure, the steps to launch a Recipe would be to (working from memory here so I hope I get this right!):

  • Connect the Bullet to your computer and power up the Bullet.
  • Launch RT3.
  • Confirm the green “connected” indicator in lower left corner. May take a few seconds.
  • Go to the Roast page and start Preheat. Preheat will be set to whatever was chosen in the f/w setup. The Preheat temp doesn’t matter as the Recipe will change it to what is programmed in the Recipe.
  • Open the Recipe page.
  • Find the Recipe you want, then…
  • click the rt-facing triangle to the right of the Recipe name- the Start button. You ought to also see a tool tip displayed when you hover on that button.
  • Go to the Roast page and confirm the Recipe name is displayed as well as the Cancel button I described above.
  • Preheat ought to now be set to what the Recipe setting is.

The default Preheat temp is displayed on the control panel alternating with Drum Temp (IBTS) both before starting Preheat and also during Preheat whether using a Recipe or the control panel.

After this preliminary launch the Preheat will continue as controlled by f/w. Eventually you’ll hear “Charge” announced. If you’re happy with what the temps are, add the greens and do the roast.

If you want to do another roast after dropping the roasted beans you would tap F1 then PRS and the Bullet will go to Preheat mode again while the just-roasted beans Cool. The control panel will show C9 in the lower right display… just use the “-” button above “F2” to lower that to C0 when the beans are cool ending the Cool mode in f/w. The new roast will continue with the same Recipe and will Preheat. Eventually the Bullet will announce Charge when f/w again finds the right conditions. Endless repetition as long as you keep enabling Bac-to-Bac roasts.

Let us know what you see and include the screenshot of the Roast page after you have launched the Recipe.


Edit- just checked an old screenshot and it appears that the grey/transparent Cancel button(s) on the lower right aren’t captured by a screenshot (it’s overlayed on the RT3 screen). The Recipe name in the lower left, however, is captured.