Uneven roast Color

Just started roasting with Bullet, realised that the roast Color always came out very different within a same batch of roast. Been roasting with smaller batch with 200g, drum speed at D9, Fan at F6 throughout the whole roast. Roast time range from 7 -8 mins. Tried with Colombia (washed /natural ) ,natural Mexico, natural Brazil, all having the same issues.

I don’t do soaking, which normally start with D8 to charge, charge temp at 210c ish, decrease accordingly at yellowing, mid of yellowing and before FC , from p7 - the lowest p5 entering FC and remain till end of the roast. End temp range around 205c.

*understand mixed varietal or natural processed would caused difference in color, so I compared one natural Colombia with the Bean roasted with Ikawa roaster, it came out very big diff compared to ikawa as Ikawa roast seemed very uniform.

Hello Laifu,

Can you share a picture of the subjected beans, and the link to their profile if possible!?

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