Update button

How about an update button in RoasTime and Roast World. :+1: just one button to upgrade.

RT3 has a Sync button on the Roast History page, though it takes awhile as it re-syncs all the roast history which can take awhile. Shouldn’t be necessary to use it as roasts are auto-saved, but if you roasted offline or have done edits using R.W this is a way to force the save of roast history post-roast. If you roast while connected, then each roast transfers to the server without any action on your part.

R.W auto-syncs when you go to the Dashboard. And I’ve seen it pop up new roasts as they complete. Are you not seeing that?


I meant to upgrade the program lets say from RoasTime 2 to RoasTime 3 or a Check For Updates Button. Just one button so you don’t have to follow links.

Ahh… RT3 has an auto-update feature. Well… semi-auto- if there’s a new update available it will d/l then ask if you want to install.