Update to 3.2.4 roast time don’t load (Mac)


Roast time updated yesterday automatically and now I only see a white window. I delete the software and installed it new, close the software, unplug the roaster or replug the roaster but nothing helps.

Is saw another similar topic but that were closed. Also on Facebook are some discussions with issues, but no one seems to have a solution.

I’m a small commercial roaster. I have a lot of orders which I now can’t fulfill. I there a way to load and install an older version of roast time, that I can work till you solve the problems with this version.

Is there a pop-up with any errors?

If you are logged in, and your profiles are synched to Roast.world then please navigate to:
/Users/your-user-name/Library/Application Support/
and delete the RoasTime folders?

Then restart the app.

The Screen from Roasttime doesn’t load. No error only a white screen.

I don’t have their a roastime folder. I use Catalina in the latest version

i started developer mode, maybe this screen is helpful?

now it updatet to 3.2.5 and it seems that it work again

Thanks for the screenshots I will forward them to the developers.