Updating firmware problems (firewall related?)

A follow up to recent post regarding firmware update troubles. Still having major problems updating firmware, and it’s frustrating, so roast time developers please help out :blush:

It might be firewall related and it might not be – I need help finding out.

So far, here’s what I know
• Roast time 1.x updates with no problems; so, hardware, cables etc. is fine.
• Firewall settings are fine as well when Roast time 1.x is allowed through

So basically, I am only changing roast time to 2.x and updating USB drivers and allowing roast time 2.x to pass the firewall in the exact same manner as roast time 1.x (basically just full access – any to any from any)

Then this happens when Running roast time 2.2.0 beta. (or the other roast time 2.x releases)

• Trying to update to firmware 507
• Roast time 2.x refuses to update firmware, never successfully updated the firmware
• The Bullet enters update mode, and I see/hear windows detecting new USB hardware
• Firmware never downloads, it is always stuck at 0 % - never moves.
• What I think I was supposed to see, was the update bar go from 0 % to 100 % and the firmware updating – update bar just stays at 0 %
• Roasttime.exe 2.2.0 beta is allowed through Comodo Internet firewall. I never see it blocked in the log
• Allowing manually or automatically through firewall does nothing
• Reboots etc. does nothing

I am not sure it is firewall related, even though it was suggested by Matthew. I can’t say for sure it is not firewall related. Are you using some internal windows services to update or is it the roast time.exe that downloads the firmware?

Please help me with what I have to keep an eye on. I am an educated programmer and network/infrastructure specialist, even though I haven’t practiced this for 10-20 years – just to let you know, I think we can solve this together, so no need to be gentle :blush:

Sorry, the above post belongs here: IBTS installed - stuck at firmware 448 - updating stays at 0 %

Moderator please move, thank you.

Probably unrelated but I had a similar issue last week going to f/w 507 from 500: stuck at 0% on the progress bar. My issue turned out to be my wireless connection. I use my phone as a hotspot and it had dropped the connection to my laptop. I discovered it when I switched to my browser. My gut says you’re way past that level of cockpit error, but… ??

Btw, I’m using the Production release of RT (v/2.2.0) on a Win 10 laptop.

What fixed it was this:

  • Keep Bullet turned on with all fans blowing (firmware update mode) and connected to the PC
  • Quit roast time
  • Start roast time
  • Force driver update in roast time (Bullet still connected, all fans blowing and in firmware update mode)
  • Update firmware through roast time