Updating firmware problems

Hi, I’ve been trying to update firmware. And I go to tools/update firmware and then click on check for updates and nothing happens. Any ideas? Is there a simple step I’m missing? Or something I need to do on the roaster?

I can only remind you of the obvious…

  • connect the roaster to the computer
  • establish an internet connection
  • start RT
  • the roaster has to be in OFF mode when you check for f/w updates

If you’ve run the roaster in something other than OFF mode, try disconnecting the roaster, restart RT, reconnect the roaster and check for f/w update again.


So I updated Roast Time to the latest Beta version. And now at least when I hit check for updates the button starts spinning. But it never quits spinning. I’ve plugged and unplugged and powered off everything afew times.
Does it seem to be a computer problem? I thought maybe internet, but it downloaded the new roast time in under a minute.

Several months ago there was a comm issue in RT <–> Bullet which interfered with the f/w loading into the Bullet. That seems to be resolved now. If you can’t see the available f/w loads, what you describe strikes me as an internet issue to the Aillio servers. Maybe try Aillio support to see what they think… I’m at a loss except what I just noted.