Updating or deleting bean from inventory

How do we update the quantity or delete (if needed)? I entered a bean and needed to update the quantity (down, not up) as I’m just entering what I have. The “edit” option seems just “add” to the quantity. Not what I want. It’s a bit of conversion problem when SM sells in lbs and I roast in kg, so inventory entry I need to convert (sometimes incorrectly in my head!). Thanks.

(doh) should have read the fine print “negative values allowed” (need my reading glasses) - but in all honesty from an inventory perspective it would be nice to be able to enter based on batches received so can see FIFO items for the same bean.

Can’t figure out the delete yet for situations when that is needed.

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Inventory management seems to be a work in progress that has been paused for a couple weeks. Managing by Lot Number makes sense for some users. I suspect it affects RT3 as well and it requires the operator to keep aware of which lot they’re using. But for managing inventory in a commercial environment to makes sense.


Another question regarding bean inventory, once I entered the bean into my inventory (whether by manual entry or finding same bean in the common database through search) if I update/edit does that information update the common database?

One other feedback, if the above if true, I would like a personal note area once the bean is in my inventory list, so I can make notations.

@bab - I figured that this is an area that is low priority, but just putting it out there.


I wonder about that as well. I think it’s treated as a new bean but I’'m not sure. We need @derrxb to tell us.

Notes would be a nice addition!


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