Upgraded to FW 605 and immediately regreted it

Upgraded from 591 (or 596?) to 605 today and now I get Error Code 004 between each back-to-back preheat. Did not ever have this issue before today. Tried Legacy RT 2.x to redownload 591, but 591 failed to populate in Legacy RT. Actually, no firmware populated, so now I’m stuck…unless someone has a solution…

Until today, I had never had any issues. Im so used to plugging away at my typical roasting routine. Wish I hadnt had the notion to upgrade my firmware lol


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KISS (“Keep it simple stupid”)
IIABDFI (“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”)

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Have you found a way to roll it back? I am in the same boat.

I used f/w 605 for months before upgrading to 606. No issues. I suppose it’s possible you got a bad copy of 605 but more likely 605 does a better job of trapping an issue or error which is at the margins. Re-installing 605 would eliminate the uncertainty of a bad copy. If you still get the error message you’ll have to poke at what’s causing the fault.


My experience is the same - 605 has been fine for me.

@bab is there a way for users in this situation to get pre-605 FW loaded onto the controller should this happen in 605?

As users we can currently go back & forth (upgrade/downgrade) between 605 & 606. Support may have some means to go to an archived version. That said, 605 has been the mainstay for quite awhile. I think Support would instead focus on fixing the fault rather than going to a version which doesn’t recognize the fault.