USB Cable Recommendation

I’m eagerly awaiting the delivery of my Bullet tomorrow and have been trying to soak up as much information as I can before my burn in roasts. One thing I have seen mentioned is the importance of a good quality micro USB cable. It seems Anker usually gets pretty good reviews. Does anyone have another brand that they’ve had success with? Bonus points for a link !
Looking forward to getting up to speed with my roaster.


I’ve been using this braided one without incident

Thanks Stuart. I appreciate it.

The cable that comes with your Bullet should be perfectly good. They are sourced by Aillio especially for the required quality.

Agreed, mine came pre-owned without the cable. I’d read that the braided kind seemed to work out best and that so far has been true.

For some reason I thought you had to supply your own cable. Thanks for the heads up.
Ok, no more questions until roaster arrives ! :smiley: