USB-type C connector

Any plans to switch from USB type B (mini) to USB type C connector ?
Seems to be the evolving standard …


+1 for this. I’d even pay extra for a new face with this.

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yes, please USB-C


Absolutely. The current connecter is very prone to disconnect.

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I have to agree… had an issue several times. Seems to be a problem with getting the USB connector to seat completely so I’m not sure it matters which USB connector is used. I think the rear of the control panel housing interferes with access for seating the connector completely but I’m guessing.



Just to add to this, the USB-C Standard is much friendlier to using different cables too. I’ve tried about 10 different micro USB cables, and only the original worked for me. I’m a bit limited by it’s length. USB-C and the 3.0 architecture would allow for a longer cable length too.

I also believe that the micro-USB is installed upside down. The USB logo on the cable should be up.

And just for fun, here is a ten minute video describing the USB connector: More about USB than you ever wanted to know