Using 300g profil to roast 1000g is it possible with play back?

Hi guys, iam new with Bullet and so far just roasting consistently 300g batches, now i‘ve got some profile that i would like to do on full batch, would it be possible to use play back? Does anybody has experience about it?
Thank‘s in advance, hope u guys all healthy.

I don’t have experience with playback mode in general, but I have manually scaled from 350g to 500g to 1kg and I don’t think a straight playback is going to work to scale as you might hoped. I have found temp requirements for charge and development time is different, it is a little longer with 1kg batches than 350g or 500g and the momentum (not sure how else to describe it) of the roast is different.

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Thank‘s @blacklabs , it‘s explain everything.
Stay cafeinated:)