Using an EU V2 Bullet in US


Does anyone know if this is actually possible? It seems that it would be, with the proper power cord and a correctly wired 240V/60Hz circuit. I’d guess that 20 Amps would be plenty of juice. Maybe even 15 would be enough.

Can any of you EU folks tell me the type of receptacle that is on the EU spec Bullet? Is it the same IEC C13/14 that they use on the US spec one?


Okay, I got confirmation from Aillio that this should work. The receptacle on the EU V2 models is the same IEC C13/14 that it on the US V1.5 ones and the units will tolerate 240V@60Hz.

Now, I just need to know either the power or current rating of the EU V2 model, so I can determine what sort of circuit I need to install. Any help from EU V2 owners would be appreciated.



hmmm…not sure…

240v here in US is two phases…not sure how you would combine the two into one…

I just use a step-up converter…there are plenty of 2000w and even higher ratings…

eg this


You will need 240V 8A


Not quite. US 240V is “split phase.” Here is a link to a Wikipedia article about it. I can’t claim to fully understand the reasoning, but split phase is somehow different from 2-phase. It seems to have something to do with a rotating E-field. My 35+ year old high school physics is failing me on this.

However, I do know for certain that the voltage converter you’re using is robbing a small amount of the extra power that using 240V would otherwise make available to you (assuming you have a V2 Bullet). The hard facts are that the US 120V supply provides less power (1800 Watts on a 15A circuit) than the EU standard 230V system (2990W at 13A, which I’ve read is common in the UK - not sure about EU, proper).

Note that @jacob mentions in his reply below that 8A is required to run an EU V2 Bullet at 240V. That’s 1920W - more than an 1800W circuit can hope to support. Since I’m looking to actually use the extra power (full loads to second crack), I can’t sacrifice anything to a voltage converter.


Thanks, @jacob. That’s what I needed. Now, can you tell me a reasonable upper limit for the upcoming Bullseye? If I’m going to run a 240V circuit, I’d like it to be able to support either one. If I run, say a 30A circuit at 240V, will that comfortably power a Bullseye? (I’d think that it would be PLENTY.)


Just wanted to share my experience using a V2 240v bullet:

I installed a 240V 15amp circuit (or maybe it was 20? It was definitely overkill). The bullet shipped with a cord with a standard US 120V end (two vertical prongs, 1 ground) so I needed to order a cord with the 240V end (1 vertical and 1 horizontal, 1 ground). Initially we had some issues running it on US 60hz but Jacob helped me out and an early firmware update for the v2 bullet resolved that. No issues since (~100lbs).


Thanks for the reply, @jackamick. Glad to hear that it’s working out. BTW, the plug you’re describing sounds like a NEMA 6-20, which would make it a 20 A circuit.

Can you tell me how the buying/shipping/customs process worked? Was it difficult or expensive to arrange?


Ah yes, you’re correct. It’s nice because then no one will plug a 120V device into it.

Customs wasn’t bad, but it was stressful. Probably because I wasn’t very patient. :slight_smile: This is what I posted on the Facebook group:

I just wanted to outline the process of importing a Bullet into the US, for anyone else ordering direct.

Wednesday: Label created by Aillio
Thursday-Friday was a holiday
Monday: DHL picked up the package
Tuesday: Packaged arrived in USA

Between Tuesday and Wednesday the customs status changed multiple times. At one point DHL needed my SSN (or federal tax ID for a corporation) and Wednesday morning I had a bill for duty ($160). The FDA also checked the bullet, but concluded that they did not need to inspect it. This delayed delivery by 1 day.

Thursday: Package left customs and was delivered. :blush:

If you call 866-600-0014 that’s the line for DHL customs support. Much more helpful than the normal DHL support phone line.


Thanks for cross posting. No FB for me.

Wow, that was fast! Just over a week from Taiwan seems pretty amazing. And $160 for duty doesn’t seem too bad.

I’m guessing that you’re on the west coast. Since I’m on the east coast, I’ll add another week to my estimate, just in case it comes cross-country by ground.

Do you remember the shipping fee?


I think shipping was around $150. To Michigan.


My one experience with DHL in 2009 was nothing short of amazing. If your experience is anything like mine you should be very pleased how quickly it arrives once it’s in their hands.