Using comments during roast and if there is a possible update suggestion in how I use them?

I have found something that might only be interesting to me when I roast; but I am used to keeping track of this in my physical notes. I use the “comments” outside of tagging when the phases occur, especially when I am roasting a new coffee and don’t know how it is going to react. I often write what I am seeing and smelling or hearing in these comments in ways that make sense to me. I wish that when you created a comment it tagged what the Temperature was (IBTS and Bean probe or any combination of this). To me I want to know what I was noticing to make the comment and what temperature was going on at the time. the same applies to the Fan speed, drum power, and drum speed. I wish those gave a time tag and temperature tag when the changes occur so I don’t have to try to line up the dotted line to see what was occurring after the fact. Any thoughts on this? Am I crazy?

Are you talking about the graph comments?

Yes. One of the things I track in a notepad is temps and sights/smells/other observations as I roast. When I got the Bullet I noticed the comments button in the graph but often would write in little observations and then have to go back later to see what the temps and other data was. I may be a bit nerdy when it comes to this kind of stuff and don’t even know if it is helpful in the long run. But I can go back to similar beans or the same coffee and look for trends because of those notes (in the roast software graph and in my handwritten notes I take as I go and fill in after the roast with other data from the software).

I think it is great to track and note down these things.
I will add this to a feature request, to have the temp show on the comment as well.

Awesome! the other thing I do is in my handwritten notes (on paper) I will list the fan and drum and power changes throughout the roast. I will often have to line up the dotted line in the graph to get the times and temps of what was happening when I made those changes. For example I made a change from Fan 3 to fan 4 at 4:45 at 174 degrees C. It would be great to hover over the power and fan changes or click on them to see all the data that was logged at the time. I am not sure if that is a future possibility as well. Whenever I make a change or add a comment I sort of like the easy overview of what exactly was going on with the entire roaster (time, power, fan speed, temps).

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This is similar in some says to what I asked but from an exporting data perspective in this thread

I think the data is all there just a matter of adding more meta data perhaps?