Using Phidgets on Roast Time

Hello! I’ve been using the Bullet R1 for a small business for a while now - I’ve just logged my 853rd roast on this beast and I love it. In the process of growing my business, I’ve upgraded to a larger roaster that I use for bulk orders while I still use the Bullet for single bags. On the larger roaster I’m using Artisan, but I find RoastTime to be a much more pleasant experience.

Is there any chance we could see Phidget integration for RoastTime in the near future? I’d love to abandon Artisan and just stick with one piece of software.

It has crossed our minds to implement this but it is not going to happen in the near future I’m afraid. We are simply too busy with AiO integration and a whole new RT version.
Glad you like RT more than Artisan :slight_smile: that is why we made it.

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