Using roasttime on more than one PC and backup of data

Just switched to roasttime 2.0.

With version 1 i used the software on different computers e.g. roast computer with roaster, examining roast profiles etc. on laptop or home PC - this was done by setting the roasttime directory to my onedrive account. This way every roast, bean etc was on every computer I used and there was always backup of the data.

How can this be achieved with roasttime 2.0? Where is the data stored and can it be backed up and transferede between PC’s?

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Hi Krumbak - Sorry for the late reply. There was some confusion in the office, and I thought you already got your reply.

The new RT stores roast profiles in the cloud (in Roast.World), as well as locally. As long as you are logged into RT with your Aillio ID, your roast profiles will be synced down to whichever computer your are on. Getting old profiles imported into the new RT, go to tools > import profile to import your old json roast profiles.

Hope this helps.


Thank you