V1.5 IBT and RoR?

I know the new IBT reading appears as drum temp in Roast Time, however I’m curious, is the RoR in Roast Time calculated from the old BT or the new IBT?

Nevermind, I’ve since found out that the RoR is still the old TC and not from the IBT.

Hi Cushdan,

For now the RoR is calculated according to data from the bean probe. In the future, we will definitely be implementing an IBTS RoR, and in fact that is the feature I am personally craving the most.

Still, after first crack I would strongly urge you to pay closer attention to the IBTS curve and make an estimate in your head, as you will be more likely to notice a discrepancy between the actual (IBTS) RoR and the traditional bean probe RoR then. I hope that makes sense.

Here is a nice example of what kafei says (see graph). If you look at the ROR you might think it decreases from 5 to 3. Nothing to worry about although it decreases rather steep, but in fact the ROR is zero or less and the roast is stalling (take a close look at the IBTS line under the two pointers). Coffee was drinkable though, but had a flat taste and a brothy smell.

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I am a brand new purchaser. Have you made progress in incorporating IBTS into RoR? If not yet, do you have a forecast as to when it will be available?