V2.0.6 Previous profiles overlay and other suggestions

I fired up my R1 today and was happy to see V2.0.6 included an update allowing previous profiles to overlay on while roasting. I used it on two roasts and have a couple of feature suggestions for the next update (assuming these things aren’t already in RT and I just couldn’t find them).

  1. The graph overlaid no problem but the previous profile settings for Power, Fan, and Drum Speed did not. This made it hard to follow my profiles to duplicate or tweak settings accordingly.

  2. When overlaying a previous profile, I noticed when I adjusted Power/Fan/Drum Speed instead of appearing at the time on the graph which I made the adjustment, the new settings would appear at the far right of the bar and slowly make their way left until reaching the spot that they should be (which only happens once the roast is finished). It looks to me like the bottom bars are still acting in a continuously variable manner as they did before the profile overlay was introduced when they should be fixed over whatever length of time the overlaid profile took (say +2 mins in case you want to go further than the previous roast).

  3. While cooling my roast, I hit F1 to enter B2B roasting. When I did this, the pop up to record my 1st roast’s data disappeared. Personally, I leave the beans in the cooling tray right up until I load my next roast and enter the data while I’m waiting for the Bullet to get back up to temp. It’d be nice to see this window stay up until either the user hits close or the bullet enters roasting mode.

@matthew any thoughts?


Where is the option to add the overlays? Ah found it, you need to look at a prior roast and the option is in the set of things you can do to the roast in upper L section.

Agree we need to have the settings from the prior roast on there too.
I don’t think I lost my roast data entry window when I went b2b.

I’d really like to be able to view prior roasts while roasting - in separate tabs?

Yes! I completely agree that all of these items should be addressed. Essential indeed!

Yes, 1 and 2 need to be addressed.

#3 you can open up the previous roast when you go to your previous roast list and add the details that you missed. Hitting f1 and toggling the b2b roast makes the input window disappear.

I would also like to see the ability to edit a roast to take out redundant changes and the ability to stop playback of a profile partway through a roast.

There are so many features that we could do with the original software that we can’t do with the new version that is making it very frustrating.


I will look into adding these into 2.0.7. Thanks for the feedback guys.