Vendor Management in RoastWorld

Is there any way to perform Vendor Management? For Example most of my beans these days are sourced from Sweet Maria’s. Currently there are 6 separate entries for Sweet Maria’s, some with 's others without the '. Looks like there is one “official” entry of those 6. Just trying to clean up my inventory today and ran across this.


Agreed, would love to see this system changed… but I’m not sure how since it’s all User-driven.

The same issue exists for Beans. Even if they fix the vendors, everyone can add copies of the same bean (each with small differences, typos, etc), and it’s all a mess.

When I first got my Bullet, I actively added/cleaned-up vendors and beans, but with the entire public of Bullet users, it just becomes a mess again pretty quick… so I just don’t use the Bean/Vendor database at all anymore :frowning:

That’s the down side of crowd sourcing unfortunately. I just pick the best match, but still it stinks because the meta-data of each bean can be so valuable. But as you said, @krmabie , it is a mess. I primarily use it just to track what beans I have and what’s left.

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Agree! It’s a mess! BUMP!!

Here is a simple fix.

Instead of allowing users to add vendors make the list locked by an approved moderator to review before making changes or additions. This would require a bit of labour on Aillio’s end but would make the list more concrete and less wishy washy :slight_smile:


There is a possibility for this. There is a lock logo on the right side of the vendor profile - though this is probably visible only to the creator of the vendor. If you click on the lock you “prevent third party user edits”.

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